eNovels: permission to be different?

Finally telling the truth
I’ve been wrestling with an interesting choice over the last few days: Do I publish my novel as originally conceived? Or do I bow to convention and rework it to fit with the expectations of the mainstream reader?

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not arrogant enough to think that I’ve got it all right and the Professional editor I hired has got it all wrong – far from it. I do wonder however, at the wisdom of taking one deliberately constructed style of writing and trying to turn it into something else – something popular and well understood.

I use a God-like “plane of view” approach rather than a “point of view” approach which drove the Editor mad. “I’m lost!” was a common comment.” Too much description!”. “Get on with it!”

He wanted to know everything and gulp down the story in two minutes flat. But the story is complex, non-linear and open to interpretation. There are no easy answers and I’m sorry: you won’t know everything in book one – what would I write in the six volumes that follow?

Am I too proud to hack it to pieces and rewrite it? No. The question is: is it right to do so? And do I need to? One Man’s work of art is another’s piece of junk.

As first, second and third Novels usually get tossed aside in the process of learning what the public wants (as determined by what can be easily sold) – perhaps it’s better to offer it up to public scrutiny and let people decide for themselves.

We learn by reflecting on feedback. How can we develop as artists if we are starved for years of the oxygen of criticism from the reading public?

Epublishing offers a valuable opportunity for aspiring writers to experiment. Why not take it? 

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